Introduction: Workbench / Shoptable From Offcut CLS Timber Wood.

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Hello everybody and thank you for reading my 2nd instructable. This time i made myself a new small workbench wich you also can use as a shoptable. I made this one from a couple of offcut CLS timber wood. I did not use any nail or screw. only glue and dowels.

Step 1: The Build.

First of all collect some CLS wood. you can buy it new or ask a local carpenter if he has a few offcut cls wood.

step 1.

How big do you want your workbench. Mine is 100cm wide, 60cm, 90cm high. You can make is as large or small as you want. or as high or low as you want.

step 2.

i started with the top sheet. I cut all the cls on the right length and glued/ clamped them together. After that i made the legs. With the router i made exact the size of the cls timberwood for a verry strong connection. i did this with the legs and the topsheet aswell. I waited a full day before removing the clamps.

step 3.

Putting it all together. After removing all the clamps i could finaly put it all together. I did not want to use screws or nails with this project. i wanted to glue and dowel them all for a strong connection and a clean finish. For the dowels i used a 12mm drill and a 12mm dowel.

step 4.

after putting it al together i flattened the top with a electric planer. after that i sanded it with my ryobi one+ orbit sander for a smooth result.

I'm happy how this table turned out at the end. if you liked it please let me know. or when you have questions or sugestions. please ask! And don't forget to subscribe on my youtube channel!