Introduction: Dragon Wing Boots

I love the shwings I have on my zip up sneakers, but wanted something a little darker for my boring wannabe leather boots. I decided to make some dragon wings inspired by Malificent with a spare felt basket.


thick felt

wind proof lighter


eyelets and application tools


leather punch

spiked studs

Step 1: Cut Wings

Draw your pattern onto the felt lightly with chalk so you can easily brush it away and make changes if necessary. I've attached the pattern I created for the wings if you'd like to trace mine. Print the image on a full sheet of 8.5"x11" paper and it will be the correct size, though don't be afraid to change it up.

Cut out the wings.

Note: Initially, I had a plan to loop the wings through another piece of felt on the other side of the shoe, but it didn't look great. Keep in mind that these pieces will make an appearance occasionally in this instructable, but aren't in the finished product.

Step 2: Eyelets

Lay the round end of your wings next to the laces on your shoes and mark where your eyelets will line up with the eyelets on the shoes.

Punch a hole at your marks with a leather punch.

Apply your eyelets.

Step 3: Studs

Punch holes where you want spikes. I opted to put one at the end of each point, but you may want more or less.

Apply your studs.

Step 4: Details

Use a wind proof lighter to gently burn around the edges.

Burn a line from the top point of the wing to the eyelets.

Burn lines from the remaining points to the first line.

Step 5: Lace Up

Lace your shoes as normal except the two eyelets that connect with the wings. Lace those two eyelets vertically instead of crossing over.

Step 6: Enjoy

Stroll about town in your uniquely nerdy and hand crafted boots.

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