Introduction: Draw a Pixel Zombie Muffin (with .Psd)

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Pixel art has many different techniques and styles just like painting and drawing. I will not be using dither, instead i will be using just simple shading. I have included the psd with each piece of the Muffin I made so that you can count the pixels your self, copy them, or get the color codes from. I use Photoshop cs6 to do my pixel art. I will try my best to give detailed instructions as well as trying to walk you threw each step with a mixtures of bullets and an explanation of how and why. Please leave a comment if you need help or like my art work.



P.S for some reason when you up load a .Png to instructables it puts this funky color around it.
Oh i might be turning this into a Halloween decoration.   

Step 1: Setting Up.

  • Open a new image 200 x 200
  • Select the pencil tool with the following settings.
  • Size=1
  • Hardness, Opacity and Density = 100
  • now go to "Edit" and go to "preference" and the click on "Guides, Grid, & slices"
  • A pop out should appear reference the settings in picture 3
  • then zoom in till you can see the pixels clearly but have enough to work.
I work with a w:200 by H:200 in order to give my self a decent work space for animation, colors, and to have breathing room when working. The pencil size of 1 pixel is in order to have control of each pixel. I changed my preferences in photoshop because i believe its default grid setting is every 4 pixels( don't quote me on that I'm not sure i changed my settings a long time ago and never looked back). 

Step 2: The Outline Cup of the Muffin

  • 2nd image has a pixel by pixel count
  • using the pencil tool we set up in the beginning begin to start place the pixels
  • color code for the lines is 6bb539, however i changed it to 75955a use either
Okay When doing pixel art your friend is CTRL+Z, That being said each pixels placement counts. The second image has the count of each pixel that you can use the pencil tool to recreate. After you may want to flip and check if the shape is good to you I did that in image 3-4 but its just a check because we still have to fill the shape and add features.

Step 3: Coloring the Inside

If you used color code 6bb539 for the lines then use color code adef7b For the fill

if you used color code 75955a for the lines then use color code b3c7a3 for the fill

okay the fastest and easiest way to do this is to close of the top by creating the border at the top which if you look at the second image there is a pixel count that is easy to follow. There will be some that willn't be filled that you will have to do by hand.

Step 4: The Eye and the Blush

the color code for the eye lines 425a08

the color code for the blush ef527b

Start with creating a new layer to create the eye the eye, begin with the inside then the outside after that got to the blush. I put in the second and third image with the pixel count. Examine where the placement of where the eyes are the grid should be easy enough to see and count.

Step 5: The Mouth

This is the outline color code for the mouth 7b2142

this is the color code for the inside of the mouth a5214a

Start with creating a new layer to create the mouth.If you look at the second image for the pixel count, then look for the placement to the rest of the pixels.

Step 6: Flipping

flipping- make a group with the of everything but the mouth then select the group in the layer panel then hold CTRL+J to make a copy then with the new copy selected hit CTRL+T then go to where the menus are you should see some boxes with W:100%
change it to W:-100& and it will flip then line them up and move the mouth layer above both of the groups. And now you have your base.

Step 7: The Top

Slowly I had to figure out the shape of the muffin top for the final pixel count go to the final picture with the numbers. That's pretty much how it is no problem and nothing else.

Step 8: Coloring the Top

Using he fill bucket to fill the muffin with color code 683c2e then for the shadows use color code 533324 It doesnt have to be exact just close just look at the picture and eyeball it then for the high lights use  color code 8d695d. Remember for the black line we made you will have to change the color manually with the pencil tool.

Then using the selection tool make shadow and light on the sup cake bottom. Im lazy so go grab the color codes from the .psd I so graciously provide and check all the numbers for your muffin.

At the left side we will be making a wound make a line of pixels across using the color for the edge of the mouth then against the edge of the the brown. then fill with the color for the inside of the mouth. Afterwards pick a spot to make a drip like the ones on the mouth and pow bam bang your done.