Introduction: Draw Miss La Sen

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Miss La Sen is the most popular good luck charm doll. The Miss La Sen is a girl figurine believed to bring good luck, protection and prosperity.Now you can learn how to draw Miss La Sen.

Step 1: You Use a Pencil to Draw Miss La Sen With a Sketch.

Draw a round. It is the shape of Miss La Sen’s head. Under the round, draw 4 rectangles like the picture. It is the shape of Miss La Sen’s body. You should use light and blur strokes for sketching.

Step 2: Draw the Hair Like the Picture.

Step 3: Draw the 5-petal Flower on the Right Side.

Step 4: Draw the Headband ( C )

Step 5: Draw the Bow in the Center of the Headband.

Step 6: Draw the Nose and the Mouth.

Step 7: Draw Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes.

Step 8: Draw Straps and Upper Part of the Dress (D)

Step 9: Draw the Waist and Lower Part of the Dress (E )

Step 10: Draw the Right Arm ( F).

Step 11: Draw the Left Arm and Hand (G).

Step 12: Draw the Right Leg and the Strap of the Shoe.

Step 13: Draw the Sole of the Right Shoe (H).

Step 14: Draw the Lower Part of the Sole of the Shoe ( K).

Step 15: Draw Left Foot and Left Shoe (L).

Step 16: Draw 2 Cheeks.

Step 17: You Should Color the Drawing. You Can Use the Oil Pastel, Water Colors or Color Pencils to Color. and Then You Have the Funny Drawing of Miss La Sen.