Introduction: Draw a Dragon

In this Instructable you will earn how to draw a dragon. First off, you'll need a quiet space with minimal distractions. Even if you think you can't draw, try anyway! You might learn something for your own projects. You'll need to do some research. At first you might say, "What!? How can I do research on something that doesn't exist!?" By research, I mean look at drawings of dragons and see what you want to draw. P.S.: Sorry about the bad camera quality. You'll need:


Pencil sharpener
Quiet workspace

Step 1: Draw the Outline

For the first step, you want to draw a simple circle or oval for the main part of the head. Draw two lines to signify where the jaws are going to be, and two more lines for the neck. Don't draw the lines too dark, or they will be harder to erase later on.

Step 2: Some Details

In this step, mark where the basics are going to be - eyes, nose, horns, etc. Remember, keep it light - we'll get darker as we progress.

Step 3: Teeth and Scales

Now we're moving on to the big stuff - the dragon's teeth and scales. For the teeth, you want to make them spiky and all different shapes and sizes. For the scales, make large plates on the neck and small circles - like leathery patches - on the head.

Step 4: Horns, Eye and Shading

Horns are usually smooth on animals. If you like, draw streaks with your pencil for battle scars on the horns. The eye usually has a pupil slit. Don't fill in the whole pupil; leave a small sliver of white at the top for the light reflection. Shade dark on the sides of the eye and light in the center. Shade as if the light was above the dragon.

Step 5: Fire

Dragons usually breathe fire, so we're going to draw some. Keep it simple and make the edges irregular. Shade a tiny bit towards the outside and draw very light lines in the middle. This is a good time to keep your pencil strokes light.

Step 6: Conclusion

Now that you can use simple techniques to draw a dragon, try using them for a new project! Who knows? Maybe you'll even write an Instructable on the topic.

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