Introduction: Dress From an Upcycled Men' Shirt

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This dress is convertible. It can be an off shoulder dress or worn as a top with jeans or leggings. Add a belt? The possibilities is endless?

Step 1: Trim Off the Collars

Step 2: Remove 2 Small Buttons N 1 Big Button

Step 3: Trim Off the Sleeves

Save the lower portion to be used on sides of the shirt .

Step 4: Trim the Sleeves Again

Trim the sleeves again. Lift up the edges of the sleeves n trim along the edge. Left picture shows the trimmed sleeve.

Step 5: Attaching the Cropped Lower Sleeves

Align and match the cropped sleeves to the curve bottom sides of the shirts. With right sides of sleeves facing right sides of shirt. Use pins to secure the fabrics (as shown).

Step 6: Sewing the Pinned Sleeve to Shirt

See the pinned sleeves to the shirt, 1 side at a time. Use zig zag stitched to neaten the edge.

Now see the back flap to the back of the curve edge .

The last picture shows how it will look when sewn together.

Step 7: Pinning the Flappy Sides

Pin flappy side on the right side of the shirt.
Do this for both sides. When done it should look the one shown in this photo.
Top stitched from end to end.

Step 8: Pinning the Top of the Shirt

Flipped the shirt to the wrong sides. Fold the top edge at 1cm and press with iron around the circumference of the shirt.

Fold again about 2.5 cm around the circumference of the shirt and press with iron. Use pins around fold to keep fold in place.

Sew around the fold n leave 4-5cm gap. Do not back stitch the edges.

Insert elastic through the fold with a safety pin. Stitch the elastic as shown. Stitch the gap in the fold.

Step 9: Sewing the Sleeves

Fold 1cm along edge n press . Fold again at 2cm and press. See around the sleeve.

Step 10: The Button Strip

Top stitch the button strip, so you Can prevent any accidental opening, when its worn as a dress.

Done. U get a new dress, almost free in under 30 mins :)

Have fun upcycling.
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