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This instructable will show you how to make a drinks dispenser. It is simple to make and you get a really cool result at the end!


  • a glass or plastic jar with a plastic lid
  • a tube shaped can ( e.g. a pringles can)
  • an empty tube of toothpaste ( or whatever, as long as it's a tube with a screw-on cap)
  • a straw
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • paint and a painting brush ( or other decoration materials )
  • a craft knife
  • something with a sharp point
  • a pencil

Step 1:

First, poke two holes in the lid of your cleaned-out jar. One needs to be big enough to put a straw through.

Step 2:

Now take your tube-shaped can. Make a hole large enough to put a glass through and one the same circumference as the round part of your toothpaste tube ( you can guess this.)

Step 3:

To prepare for painting you can sand the surface of the can down a little. This will help the paint to cover the can quicker. If you are going to cover the can in some other way, you do not have to sand it down.

Step 4:

If you are going to paint your can, now is the time to do it! Any can renovating is done now!

Step 5:

Now we are moving on to the main part of the water dispenser, the valve. Cut off the exess tube parts so the tube looks like the one above. Clean out the tube and keep the lid.

Step 6:

Next you need to cut down the sides of the remaining tube part. Separate the cut sides to get something like the pictue above.

Step 7:

Attach the straw. Attach it like above and make sure it is firmly in place.

Step 8:

Apply glue to the parts sticking out from the centre of the tube and then attach it to the can like this. Make sure the straw is sticking out of the top.

Step 9:

Now apply some hot glue to the straw and push the jar lid down the straw so it is hidden in the cardbard tube. If your lid is bigger than the tube just do the same thing but rest the lid on the top of the can.

Step 10:

Screw the jar to the lid. This is what the dispenser looks like! Just loosen the cap on the front and the liquid should start to come out of the other hole in the lid. Turn the dispenser upside down and unscrew the jar from the lid to put your drink inside. Just remember not to fill it over the hieght of the straw because otherwise the valve will be full of liquid.

Step 11:

Now you just need to decorate it... ( my decoration is only super basic )

Step 12: And There You Have It, Your Very Own Drinks Dispenser!

Lemon juice, coconut water, cloudy apple juice...

What you put in it is completely up to you!

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