Introduction: Duct Tape Bowler Hat

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Duct tape can be used for anything, even classy hats!

Modeling the duct tape bowler hat is my derpy dog, Darwin.

Wanna make a duct tape bowler (the classiest of hats) of your very own?

Here is What You Will Need:

  • 1-2 Colors of Duct Tape
  • 2 or 3 Liter Bottle (2-liter for Dog / Child Sized, 3-liter for Adult Sized)
  • Thin Cardboard (I Used an Insert From a Pack of Avery Labels)
  • Sharp Scissors and/or Utility Knife
  • Pencil for Tracing
  • Circular Object for Tracing (You Want Something With a Diameter Roughly 2" Larger Than Your Bottle)

Step 1: Shaping the Top

Cut your soda bottle about 1-3" below where it goes from curved to straight. This is a matter of opinion of where to cut depending on how tall you want your bowler.

Cut off the opening of the bottle so it is flat across the top.

Duct tape the top opening both on the outside and the inside to seal it off.

Step 2: Initial Covering

Start covering the bottle with duct tape by criss-crossing strips of duct tape across the top.

Add smaller strips to cover up the remainder of the bottle.

It may look messy right now, but I will show you how to clean up the look in a later step.

Step 3: Making the Brim

Trace the larger circular object onto your cardboard.

Center the top of your hat in the middle of your cardboard and trace around that as well.

Cut out your cardboard circles. This will be the brim of your hat.

Lay strips of duct tape straight across the brim, side by side to cover it completely.

Trim the edges, and cut out the center of the duct tape.

Step 4: Attaching the Brim to the Top

The duct taped side of your brim will be the top. Place the top of your hat onto the brim.

Using strips of duct tape, I attached the two with strips running from the top of the brim, over the outside edge, across the bottom of the brim and attached the duct tape to the inside of the top.

I did this in 4 places, as shown.

Step 5: Finishing the Bottom of the Brim

I added additional strips to fully cover the bottom of the brim by attaching them to the outside edge of the brim and bringing them across the bottom of the brim and sticking them to the

Step 6: Cleaning It Up

It looked a little messy when I fully assembled it, so I decided to clean it up a little.

To smooth out the wrinkles in the duct tape, I cut out small strips about 4" by 1/2" and carefully laid them all over the hat. It helps to pull them tight and smooth as you are laying them down.

To decorate it a little, I added a 1" strip of purple duct tape around the top right above the rim.

Lastly, I gently curled up the brim of the hat on opposite sides to give the brim a signature bowler look.

Step 7: Look Classy!

Now, you have a classy duct tape hat! Enjoy!

Model it! Put it on your dog! Put it on yourself!

Do your turn on the catwalk!

Props to Darwin for modeling my hat in exchange for a few dog treats. (Plus, she only pawed it off about 20 times in the process!)

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