Introduction: Duct Tape Light Saber, Child Friendly Lightsabre

Disclaimer: this is a replica weapon, designed to amuse young children on a rainy day, due to the nature of its construction it is intended for use under ADULT SUPERVISION and has not been tested in Galactic Battles.

Step 1:

  • foam insulation tube
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Red/Green/blue/Purple Duct tape (depending on lightsabre beam colour)
  • Grey or black Duct tape for handle
  • miscellaneous electricians tape (blue/yellow/white/red/etc) for hilt details
  • craft knife or stanley blade, scissors

Step 2: Consider Your Style

There are loads of online resources where you can pick the weapon that speaks to you

This will determine the colour of the blade and the style of the hilt you are emulating; simplify or duplicate to suit your needs.

Step 3: Come to the Darkside...

Cut insulation tube down to approx. 60 cm (this was good length for 5yr old Jedi’s) can be longer depending on user, but longer sabres may be bendy or suffer from unwanted droop!

Using a craft knife or stanley blade slit the foam tube along its length, then cut aprox. 1/3 section out of foam tube (make a ‘C’ out of the ‘O’)

Wrap foam with chosen colour of duct tape to close up the edges of the 'C' remaining foam

(if you wanted to add a core for reinforcement then now is the time: a dowel or piece of plastic piping would do for this, but it is not necessary especially if being made for young children)

Step 4: To the Hilt

Create cardboard hilt by wrapping corrugated card around the base of your newly taped up blade.

Wrap the cardboard tube with silver and/or black duct tape in desired basic colour or patterns

Secure smaller strips of card at strategic points to create various raised detailing like switches, ridges and pommels secure these these with more duct tape before addind small pieces of electrical tape to highlight switches and other hilt details.

Step 5: Sorry to Say You May Have to Do This All Again...

Build a second weapon, bring out your best sound effects before commencing galactic battle.
for more sound effect inspiration -

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