Introduction: Duct Tape Phone Stand

This stand can hold cell phones, tablets, and books! This is a good learning lesson to build even bigger things. Good luck and let me know if you have questions!

Tip: Use heavy duty scissors or even big wire cutters to cut through big rods.

Step 1: Rods

First thing we need to do is make duct tape rods! Take a strip of duct tape sticky side down on a mouse pad. I start on the edge of the strip, pick up a small bit of the duct tape and pinch about an eighth inch over on itself. Do this the full length of the strip and then pick up the whole strip and gently put it back down without pressing it into the mouse pad. Once the creases are out, place both hands on the strip and push forward quickly. Now we have one sticky rod, lay another piece sticky side up and roll your sticky rod on it. This makes what I call a standard rod. Now we need to beef it up with 2 more strips, in total these rods will use 4 strips of gray duct tape and one strip of colored tape.

Step 2: Cut List

we need to make enough thick rods to have the following lengths:
8 at 4 inches
2 at 5.5 inches
2 at 4.5 inches
1 at 6.25 inches

Step 3: The Base

Here we will tape the bottom square together. Use 3 inch strip cut in half lengthwise and lay it over the joint and wrap it around to the other side, press it down throughly. Then use a smaller strip to wrap around the rod and the other piece to keep it from peeling away.

The vertical rods will be a little more difficult to properly tape down without going into excess. I chose to only do one 3 inch strip to hold it down, I figured the diagonal rods would keep it in place well enough.

Step 4: The Supports

Cut a 45 degree angle at the ends of the 5.5 inch rods, put them on the stand and lay a piece of duct tape across the top. Then wrap another piece around it to keep it from peeling away.

The last 4 inch rod goes on the front about an inch and a half up. Put a piece of duct tape over the top of it then wrap a long piece around the ends of it on the vertical rods.

Use the 6.5 inch rod as the back support for phones, tape it down on the corners of the stand.

Next the 4.5 inch rods rest on the horizontal rod and are only taped down with one piece of duct tape. The back portion gets a full tape down.

All done! I'd love to see what you can make!