Introduction: Duct Tape Purse

About: I am a teen librarian at the Indiana Free Library. My teen group loves to make unique and fun crafts.

Duct Tape wallet look too hard for you?  Try this easy Duct Tape purse first.   You can make it larger or smaller depending on how many strips of tape you use in step one.

You will need
• Duct tape, any colors
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Velcro Dots (Sticky Back)
• Marker
• Something round to use as template (I used a coffee can lid)
• Glue dots (optional)

Step 1: Making Duct Tape Fabric

Cut 4 pieces of tape, about 10" long, and lay them on the work surface, sticky side up. Connect them by overlapping the top edge of one to the bottom edge of the next.  Repeat with remaining two pieces of tape.  Now you have a sticky square.  I used two different colors so that it will be stripped but you can make yours solid or use four different colors.  

Step 2: Making Duct Tape Fabric

Cut another piece, the same length as the width of your purse, and press it sticky side to sticky side, across the tape square. Continue with more strips until you have a solid sheet made of tape. Use scissors to trim the edges. 

You can also make the tape strips of the same way as in the first step if you want your purse to have vertical stripes on both the outside and inside.

Step 3: Rounding the Top

To make the rounded top, place the lid at the top edge of your duct tape fabric.  Use a marker to trace the edge of the lid.  You want the edges of the plate to touch the edges of your duct tape fabric.  Cut along the line.

Step 4: Adding Trim

To create a smooth edge for the pocket cut another strip of tape the a little bit longer than your purse.  Tear it in half length wise.  Place the half strip so that one half of it is under your purse and fold the tape over.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Fold your purse so that the bottom edge lines up with the bottom of the curve.  Cut a piece of tape a little bit longer than the seam. (From the end of the curve to the bottom) Tear it in half length wise.  Create a smooth seam by placing the tape half way under your purse and folding it over to the top.  Repeat for the other side.  Trim excess off.

Step 6: Adding the Velcro

With the pocket side facing you place one of the Velcro dot in the middle of the circle shape flap.  (I added a glue dot to mine just to make sure it stuck!) Press it firmly to attach it.   Place the other half of the Velcro dot on top of the one you just attached.  Fold the purse flap over and press the Velcro dot into place.  Carefully open your purse flap and press the Velcro dot firmly to make sure it is attached. 

You now have a great duct tape purse.