Introduction: Duct Tape Ship Cannon

Here is my Duct Tape Ship Cannon! It will make a fine addition to play time or desk decoration! This cannon is modeled after the great cannons of the Age of Sail.

Step 1: Barrel

To make the barrel we will start with a strip of duct tape about 6 inches long. Lay it face down on a mouse pad and pick up the side and roll it over on itself. Next get another strip to cover the sticky barrel and roll it in the same way. Trim the barrel to 4.5 inches. Now make a standard black rod about 6 inches long. Cut a 2 inch piece of the rod and duct tape it to the barrel at 2.5 inches from the front of the barrel.

Step 2: Cannon Frame

For the cannon base we need to make enough standard rods to have the following lengths:
4 rods at 3 inches
2 rods at 1.5 inches
2 rods at 1.25 inches
2 rods at .5 inch

Step 3: Wheels and Axles

We will make the axle in the same way as the barrel except I used a rod to make the hole more precise.