Introduction: Duct Tape UMD Case

This instructable will describe how to make a case for a UMD for PSP's. They don't look half-bad, and are cheap. This is my first instructable, but it is still a good one.

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need: A UMD (Preferably one that you will not need or don't like), and well... duct tape! You will also need a friend to hold the case while you are ripping the tape, or just make them rip the tape.
WARNING: Touching the recorded disc may cause it to stop working, do not blame me if it destroys the disk, but i am pretty sure the only harm will be during the making process, not while storing it.

Step 2: Wrap Some Tape Around the Disc.

You will have to wrap the tape with the sticky facing outwards. You will need to use the only parallel parts of the disc to keep it straight. You may have to do this twice, so it covers the entire UMD.

Step 3: Fold Over the Ends

By folding the ends, it allows the case to be somewhat curved around the UMD.(Yes, that is a gripmaster in the background.)

Step 4: Cover the Stickies.

Put duct tape around the case, unless you want to tape it to a wall, ore something(That would involve only covering one side of it).

Step 5: Cover the Corners

The corners might still be sticky, so cover them in accordance with the pictures.

Step 6: Optional Steps

You can put some tape where the entrance is, I find it helps the UMD get in the case. You could also cut a notch to pull it out easier. Another idea is to cut out around the top and put clear packaging tape on it, so you could see which game or movie you have in the case. Another idea is to make a slot for a memory card, or two.

Step 7: You're Done!

You are all done! Try using colored tape. The more you do it, the better you will get.