Introduction: Duct Tape Rope, the The Answer to the Life Long Question: Rope or Tape

If you need to do, make, or fix something  you usually have 2 options, tape or rope( i know there is liquid adheisives and screws or nails but hear me out, duct tape has an adheisive and if your thinking of using screws or nails then use them. some thing that big wont be held togather by a wrap of tape, tie of rope, or a dab of glue)  But most people do choose tape, but sometimes tape wont do and you have to use rope. But now your rope keeps sliding out of place. Home makers and DIYer's i present... DUCT TAPE ROPE. It has the sticky and durabilty of duct tape and the strength and handiness of rope. It is the answer to the life question... rope or tape? After you do this instructable you can have the answer of nobody else. BOTH

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Step 1: Materials/tools

Here's a list of everything you will need...
    1-3 rolls of duct tape(depending on how long you want it, for smaller stuff you barely need a roll) your brand choice of course
    a crumb and dust free surface for shorter rope, a mid size clamp and surface for mid rope, and a small vice grip or a large strong clamp
    Power drill and maybe extra battery if you want lots of rope, a hand drill will work to but it will take longer and be harder to use
    a decision including the choice of tape or rope
     a mouse ready to hit the 5 star rate button, subscibe button and comment button. in any order you want :)

Step 2: Making It

First you need to decide how long your rope needs to be. cut the tape a little longer than that length because its a little shorter when your done. After you cut the tape take one end and fold a loop so the sticky part is on the outside of it. Now take that loop and kinda crush it, roll it or any other way to make to make it crushed up as long as the sticky part is still on the outside. I suggest rolling it. Now take that and put it where a drill bit would go it the drill and tighten it in so its squeezed and cant come out of the drill. Put the other end on whatever surface, vice, or clamps your using. After you did that put the drill on reverse and go. You should see the tape slowly spinning into rope with the sticky side visible and on the tape not in it. The longer legth the longer this will take. keep it going until you have reachedan appropreit tightness. You can tell its to tight if the rope curls instead of spinning.

Step 3: Finshed and Done

Take the end not in the drill off of whatever its on and quickly crush it or make it so the rope can't  unfurl. It will a little bit but not so much that it isnt rope anymore,then take out the end in the drill annndddd     DONE        to keep it away from itself cause it sticks like normal tape would so you cant really store it and will have to wip up a new batch every time you need some:( but its easy to make and quick:) Tope it on or around whatever you need it for. Tope meaning a combination of the words rope and tape. dont mix them the other way though. That would be a pretty nasty thing to do to your tape.For those of you who dont get the joke( idk who wouldn't) pay attention to the coming uppercase letters. And thats how you make tope, Rope and tAPE(hint hint) lol whatever.

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Step 4: Video

heres a video of how to make them. and btw  if  you dont want it to be sticky then just make the drill go forwards instead of backwards and you have regulaer rope from duct tape
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