Introduction: Ductape Wallet

These steps will guide you on how to make a wallet completely out of duct tape and simple materials.
Remember the more time you take in measuring and making cuts clean the nicer your wallet will look and the longer it will last.

Step 1: Materials

This wallet is fairly simple and the materials and skills needed are very basic

You will need
- plastic (ziploc bag, or a sheet of very thin plastic)
- Duct tape
- Scissors 
- Ruler

Step 2: 1. Preparing the Sides of the Wallet

To begin your duct tape wallet you will need to cut four pieces of duct tape roughly 8 1/4" inches long
- once cut flip the sticky sides of  two pieces of duct tape so they face each other and press, until you have one solid strip of duct tape with no sticky sides showing, do this for all pieces of tape.
- once completed then repeat this with four more pieces repeating the process.
- now you should have four strips of two sided duct tape.
- now take two of the solid strips, and tape those together with two more pieces of 8 1/4" tape strips to make a side
- do this once more until you have two sides 
- the sides will most likely be longer than 3 1/2 inches, the regular size of a leather wallet, and will need to be trimmed later

Step 3: 2. Constructing the Cash Pocket

- take your two completed sides, and tape the bottom together with one strip of 8 1/4" tape.
- once the bottom is sealed cut two strips of tape 3 1/2" inches long and use them to seal the sides.
- any excess tape on the sides that exceed 3 1/2" inches will need to be trimmed.
- your cash pocket should be complete and should look something like the last photo. (sorry about it being upside down)

Step 4: 3. Card Holders (optional)

- cut four pieces of tape 3 1/2" inches long 
- as like when building the sides, take two pieces and flip their sticky sides to face eachother
- now that you have two solid strips, tape them the the inside portion of the wallet, one peice about 3/4" inches below the other, to create space for each card, (more holders can be added if prefered).
- lastly secure them with three pieces of 3 1/2" tape, and your called holders are finished!

Step 5: 4. Last Step I.D (optional)

- first cut a small piece of plastic, from either hard plastic sheet or a household item like a ziploc bag
- simply cut the peice slightly larger than the size of you id
- lastly secure the plastic with, small peices of tape, and simply slipe the I.D in.

Step 6: 5. Finished Product.

- your wallet is now finished. this is a simple version of the wallet (more card holders, a more polished I.D holder, a coin pocket, and extra pockets on the inside can be added if preferred).
- sorry about the upside down pictures as well , didn't realize they were upside down until the wallet had been finished.

Comments and criticisms are always welcomed, enjoy!