Introduction: Dumb Air Conditioner Controlled by the Cheapest(10$) Smart Switch Wifi on Amazon

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It shown in this video how to install the cheapest Smart Wifi Switch on Amazon to control an air conditioner.

Remote control your heater or cooler equiment only for 10€. It is the cheapest way to do it. After that you can control from everywhere your AC equiment. In this case is done for an Mitsubishi MSZ-DM35VA but checking the datasheet as it shown in the video you can do it in other A/C system.

My smart switch brand is Smart home and works with the smart life application. You can also use google home or alexa.

- The switch: Henmi Interruttore Wifi Smart Switch10A 2.4G Presa Intelligente wi-fi Controllo Remoto Wireless Compatibile con Android / Alexa / Amazon Eco / Eco Dot

Optional: Mitsubishi heavy industries controller MAC-567IF

Step 1: Check the Datasheet

  1. Make sure your switch has a superior maximum current than the air conditioner.
  2. Check that your air conditioner has a auto restart function like the Mitsubishi

Step 2: Switch Off the Air Conditioner's Circuit Breaker

Switch off the air conditioner's circuit breaker

Step 3: Dismantle the Air Conditioner Until You Find the Input Power Cables

Dismantle the air conditioner until you find the input power cables.

One is marked like L (Live), N (Neutral)

Step 4: Install the Smart Switch

Find the best spot to install the smart switch between the circuit breaker and the air conditioner. Strip L and N cable. Connect them properly to the input (From circuit breaker) and output (To the air conditioner).

Step 5: Turn on the Circuit Breaker

Turn on the circuit breaker

Step 6: Install the Smart Life Application and Get Registered

Install the smart life application and get registered

Step 7: Connect to the Smart Switch

Connect to the smart switch

Choose other products, configure the wifi and press connect

Step 8: Control Your Air Conditioner From the Mobile

Now you can control the air conditioner form the mobile. When you left home you stop the air conditioner with the mobile phone when is set for the program you want. Before getting home you use your mobile phone to start the air conditioner from your work