Introduction: Futuristic Martian Tree Sculpture Made With Aluminium Poured in to Orbeez

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I end up with a Mars bonsai tree sculpture made by pouring molten aluminium in a bucket full of Orbeez.

This statue is very easy and you can make it if you have a foundry.

Step 1: Pour a Bag of Orbeez on a Bucket of Water

Pour a bag of orbeez on a bucket of water

Step 2: Wait 3 Hours and Give Time the Orbeez to Grow

Wait 3 hours and give time the Orbeez to grow

Step 3: Melt Some Aluminium on the Foundry

Melt some aluminium on the foundry

Step 4: Pour the Molten Aluminium in to the Bucket

Pour the molten aluminium in to the bucket

Step 5: Remove the Aluminium From the Bucket

Remove the aluminium from the bucket and remove the orbeez

Step 6: Make a Basement of About 12x12 Cm

Make a basement of about 12x12 cm, draw it on a piece of wood

Step 7: Saw the Basement

Saw the basement

Step 8: Sand the Basement With 300

Sand the basement with 300 sandpaper

Step 9: Make a Hole in the Basement

Make a hole in the basement and also on the aluminium statue

Step 10: Varnish the Basement

Varnish the basement

Step 11: Use an Screw to Hold the Statue

Use an screw to hold the statue on the basement