Introduction: EASY & INEXPENSIVE DIY Snowballs & Snow Covered Pine Cones

INEXPENSIVE, SIMPLE, FAST, KID FRIENDLY & AWESOME RESULTS are some of the words that come to mind about THIS project!

After all the decorations have been put away for another year, the house seems a little bare and empty.  Here's a project that brings the cold, snowy winter weather inside and helps decorate the house through January and February!  

Step 1: Simple Supply List (You Probably Have Everything Already!)

If you do any crafting you probably have all you need to complete this simple project.

POLYESTER BATTING- scraps and pieces work wonderful.
THREAD- to tack the batting
AEROSOL SPRAY GLUE- works best as it does not absorb into the fibers.
EPSOM SALTS- used for soaking feet and sore muscles, can be found in the health care department.
GLITTER- optional 

PINECONES- any size, any shape will do. 
WHITE GLUE- any type & we will be watering it down for easy application.
OLD SMALL PAINTBRUSH- for applying the glue
EPSOM SALTS-  used for soaking feet and sore muscles, can be found in the health care department.
GLITTER- optional
PAPER- to catch the extra granules or you may choose to use a plastic bag to shake the pinecones and snowballs in

Step 2: Lets Make SNOWBALLS!!

Cut your batting into strips 1/4'' to 1/2''.  If you want a smaller snowball a smaller width strip would be best, and a larger snow ball a wider strip.

The number of strips and the length varies as to size and quantity of snowballs.

Start by wrapping a wider piece of  batting, just as you would wind a ball of yarn or string.  You want to hold and wrap it fairly tightly.  Keep adding strips as one runs out, by overlapping until the desired diameter is reached.  

Pin the last strip, just to hold in place until stitched.

With a needle and thread, sew a few quick stitches into the tail of the last strip to hold it in place and remove the pin.

Step 3: Putting the Powder ON!

Now that you have the desired number of snowballs made, it's time to make them look real!

The easiest way that I've found is to put a handful of Epsom Salts into a plastic bag, then, one at a time spray your snowballs with the aerosol glue and drop it into the bag.  Shake around, remove and lay on a lined tray to dry.  If you have missed a spot with the glue, respray that area and recoat with the Epsom Salts. You may want to add glitter to the Epsom Salts for added sparkle, this is optional.

It's that easy & no  Frostbite!


Lets finish with the pinecones!  I do them last because we will be reusing any left over Epsom Salts left in the plastic bag, and sometimes the pinecones will leave a little residue behind after being tossed around inside the bag.

In a small container dilute the white glue, about 2/3 glue to 1/3 water, you do not have to be exact, it just needs to "paint" on a little easier.

With a small paint brush apply the glue mix onto the pinecone. You can put as much or as little as you desire. Of course, more "paint" on the pinecone means more snow will stick to it.  You may want to do only the tips, and that's fine also.

Drop the glued pinecone into the plastic bag of Epsom Salts and shake.  For extra sparkel you may want to add a little glitter to the bag.

Remove and place on a lined tray to dry.

Step 5: So Simple- So Inexpensive- So Beautiful!!

That's it, we're done all that's left is to display your snow dusted creations!

In a wooden bowl or a container of your choosing, place a candle, (jar candle if you will be lighting it) in the center and arrange the pinecones and snowballs around it.  Or you may want to fill the bowl with only the snowballs and pinecones.

This is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to decorate your home, even after the holidays have passed but the snow keeps coming!
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