Introduction: E.T. and Elliott Costume

For this instructable in going to show you how to make a simple and cost efficient Elliot and E.T. bicycle customer for a knee scooter.

But first a little back story to how this costume came about. Last month my wife and I were doing an obstacle course race, where she fell and broke her ankle. At this point we had decided Halloween was not going to happen for us this year. Fast forward 1 surgery and a month later and surprise her college decided to allow students to wear costumes school on Halloween. Not wanting to be left out the need for a simple and budget friendly costume came up. But how could we incorporate the scooter. Many ideas later a classic came out of the wood works why not an E.T. themed costume.

Step 1: Materials Needed

. We wanted to keep this costume as simple and budget friendly as possible. In all it cost us around $20 to purchase but could be cheaper or even free if you already have the materials

The first item you will need for this costume is the red hoodie we couldn't find a solid red but the one we got was close enough. We got this one for $9.

Next you will need a small stuffed animal. In this case we choose the koala due to the size of the basket on the front of her scooter. When wrapped up the koala also looks very similar to E.T.

Next we used a yard of white fabric for the blanket.

Finally is the knees scooter courtesy of the broken ankle.

Other ways I have seen without the scooter included all the other materials and carrying a milk crate to simulate the bicycle basket; or using a bicycle with a basket on it.

Step 2: Show Off

Now that you have the materials it's time to put it all together and go show off your hard work. We tried to match the movie as best as possible with the setup and are very happy with the results.

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