Introduction: EVA Foam Werkplaats IDC

With this Instructable we will show you some special ways of working with EVA foam.

What do you need:

- hot air gun

- contact glue

- ruler

- super glue

- box cutter

- hot glue

- tape

- heat resistant gloves (optional)

STEP 1: Leather look 1

STEP 2: Leather look 2

STEP 3: Curve foam

STEP 4: Corners

You can find EVA foam in every hobbyshop and at the internet. We bought the EVA foam from the internet, It took one day to get it delivered and it was cheaper than the hobbyshop.

At Youtube you will find a lot of instructions to use EVA foam, they are really helpfully, so use them too.

Here are two links that are useful for the thicker version of EVA foam:

We hope it will help in your project! Have fun and good luck!


Cindy & Robbert

Step 1: Leather Look 1

We found out when you heat up and stretch the foam you can create a leather look.

1. Cut a piece bigger then you need like 2 cm excess on all sides.

2. Wrap it around a heat resistant material.

3. Heat it up, and keep moving your hot air gun.

4. When it's warm enough, the material will change structure.

5. Put off the hot air gun, and stretch the foam more.

6. Don't heat it to close and don't stretch to much!

7. Wrap it around a plank with tape/glue

8. If you don't tape/glue all the edges it will create a inward curve.

Step 2: Leather Look 2

If you want a good result on the whole surface, we have some tips:

[image 1-4] Here we show that the foam is reacting by heat also at the holes in the plank. Use a surface that's everywhere the same.

[image 5-12] For example: use a frame and bend the foam around all the edges.

[image 13-15] Put some cotton in the frame to create a pillow effect.

[image 16-21] For example: use a nice piece of wood, bend it around all the edges. Heat it up and stop before you get through the foam. Take it off and stretch it a little bit by hand. You now have your very own piece of leather!

Step 3: Curve Foam

You can curve the edges of the foam in different ways.

1. Make your pattern.

2. Cut the pattern.

3. Put the contact glue on every edge, wait a few minutes.

4. Put all the edges together.

Step 4: Corners

Because we only had 3 mm foam, we put a few layers on top each other to show you what is possible with thicker foam.

1. Cut equal sized pieces of foam.

2. Draw the cutting line.

3. Hold your cutter in a angle of 45 degrees. Cut on the two lines.

4. Put the contact glue on the edges, use a tool to spread the glue.

5. Wait a few minutes.

6. Put the edges together, and now you made a 45 degree corner!