Introduction: Earwax on a Swab, Anyone?

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Oh my God, what are you making? They smell delicious but look so disgusting!

Those are the words that came out of my 5 yo mouth when I made these edible earwax on a swab hahaha

Prepare them fresh as they only take a second to make!

Step 1: Method

Smooth and creamy peanut butter (use nut butter substitution if your little guest(s) has nut allergies!)

Lollipop sticks (my sticks were the long ones, so I cut them into 3 same size sticks)

Mini marshmallow (you can use the medium size too!)

One each end of the each stick, press in the marshmallow

Swab/dip them into peanut butter

And your delicious earwax on swabs are ready to serve!

Enjoy :)

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