Introduction: Easily Clean Grout!

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I hate cleaning grout. Period. Like you, I want it clean with minimal effort.

I moved into a home with approximately 1000 square feet of white tile and poorly sealed, uncleaned grout five years ago. I haven't kept up on it like I should have. I was going to build an attachment for my saw years ago but then I was shown one on Amazon for under $6 so I bought it on a whim.

For this project you will need:

Attach that brush and let's get cleaning!

Step 1: Scrub the Floors

Once your brush is attached and your batteries are fully charged, pour a small amount of water on the grout. Then, add your scouring powder. It should make a very loose paste.

Then, scrub. Occasionally you will need to add more water and powder.

It will splash your walls and cabinets but it comes off easily with water.

Step 2: Remove the Scouring Powder

I used a carpet steamer to quickly and easily wash the scouring powder away. It's great because it also scours the tile surface while cleaning up. You'll probably need to do one pass to remove the scouring powder and then one to use a tile cleaner/protector and really shine up the floor.

Step 3: Wipe Off Your Walls and Counters

The unfortunate part of this whole thing is that it makes a mess on vertical surfaces when you get close to them. The good thing is, it wipes right off with a little water or Windex and paper towel!

Final Note:

You may want to reseal your grout after doing everything. This is pretty aggressive and grout should be periodically resealed anyway.