Easy Audrey II From Little Shop of Horrors

Introduction: Easy Audrey II From Little Shop of Horrors

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This came about last year,when I attended a Zombicon that was themed "The Galactic Infection". I went as zombie Seymour with Audrey II as my trusty sidekick. It is a super easy prop to make gets lots of attention. You can wear it or put it in a planter and carry it around. I have provided instructions for both. 

Foam football (dollar store)
Large fake leaves (dollar store)
Plastic lens reading glasses (dollar store)
Paints ( 2 shades of dark green, dark red and white)
Wire cutter
Utility knife
Small towel

If making potted :
3 wood skewers
Small block of floral foam (dollar store)
Planter (dollar store)

If wearing: 
3-4 T-pins
Leaf garland (dollar store)
Large fake leaves (dollar store)

Making Audrey II: 

Take the foam football and cut it in half lengthwise 4/5 of the way with the utility knife, leaving the end intact.  Paint it green with both green paints, outside and inside, let dry.

While drying, take the reading glasses and pop out the lenses.  Wrap the lenses into the small towel. Hammer them to shatter the plastic lenses into shards, these will be the teeth. Take the shards and paint them white on one side, let dry.

Save the frames about six shard pieces, do not paint them. 

Take the wire cutter and cut the wire of the leaves, leaving a four inch wire on each leaf. Cut all of the leaves off the bunch. The plastic end will be the tongue, paint it red and let dry. Once the tongue is dry, place it in center of the slit cut in the foam football. It will hold and secure since there are wire remnants to hold on to the foam. 

Holding the football laces down, begin placing the teeth inside the football, just push them in the foam, the odd shapes will allow the shards to hold in place. 

Take the three leaves that were set aside and pierce the wire into the sealed end of the football. Bend them up accordingly.
You can use the dark read paint to create blood detail on mouth and teeth, if desired.

If making potted :
Take the small block of floral foam and place it in the planter.  Take the 3 wood skewers and put them in the sealed end of the football, then secure the skewers into the floral foam in planter.

If wearing:
Use 3-4 T-pins to secure Audrey II onto garment shoulder. I pushed the T-pins through my shirt and into the sealed end and bottom of the football. Place wired leaf garland coming  out of plant and wrap around your arms, head, and/or leg. This will give Audrey II his arms. Use large leaves at the end of each arm to give him "hands". 

Bonus! : Seymour's broken glasses
Take the frame from reading glasses and glue the shards set aside. Glue towards the sides of openings,  to not obstruct your vision.

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