Introduction: Easy Batarangs

In this project i will be telling you how to make easy Batarangs.

Batarangs are Fictional weapons used by the character Batman in DC

These are easy to make and are very fun.


1 A4 paper


Scissors or blade

Cardboard or thick paper

Any gum [ preferably fevicol or fevistick ]

Black paint

Paint brush

Step 1: Drawing the Batarang

Get a piece of paper of any size and draw a Batarang on it as shown in the picture.

After drawing it, cut out the batarang using the scissors.

Step 2: Cutting Out Cardboard

Get some cardboard pieces and stick the paper batarang on them and again cut it out using a scissors or blade.

Step 3: Painting Black

Get a paint brush and black paint.

Then paint the batarang fully.

Step 4: Thats It You Batarangs Are Ready

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