Introduction: Easy Beaded Bracelet and Earrings (winter Style)

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This is a set of beaded jewellery in blue and silver colors. I think it is a perfect set for winter! It will match grey, white, black and blue pattern clothes perfectly. This jewellery is inspired by winter.

This is pretty easy to make, if you follow the instructions and you can create a lovely gift for a friend, mom or kid!

The winter time is perfect for creativity, because we spend more time at home. I decided to have a matching set of earrings and bracelet before New Year. I've found two big stone-beads with a lovely picture of flower and decided to build a set around that, so the flower looks like it is the centerpiece in the frame.

Also for matching bracelet I chose a pattern of blue and silver flowers that sits loosely around the wrist.

I think it's a good idea instead of shopping jewellery - make your new, one of a kind, beautiful set of jewellery that you are proud to wear.


Transparent fishing line

Blue beads

Small silver beads

Big silver beads

2 big stone beads for earrings

2 earrings hooks



Step 1: Prepare All the Beads for Earrings

For the earrings you will need blue beads, small silver beads and 2 large beads with painting. You will need silver earring hooks that you can insert in the silver bead.

I used a little bit less than 1 m or yard of fishing line for beading one earring. It is better to have more leftover line!

Also you will need scissors and tweezers.

Start with 3 silver beads and 1 blue in the middle of the line. With one end of the line go through the blue bead.

Add 2 silver beads to one end and 1 silver bead to another end. Go through 1 silver bead as shown in pictures.

Add 11 silver beads to each end (adjust less or more according to the size of your large bead). Add blue bead to one of the ends (it will be the bottom of the earring) and go through it with the other end of the line.

Step 2: Finish the Earrings

Insert both ends in the large bead, flip it inside the "frame".

Go with the lines back through silver, blue and silver beads. Add 1 silver bead to each side and pass the ends through the middle silver bead.

Add 2 silver beads to left end and 1 silver to right end. Go with the right end through 1 silver bead on the left.

Tie the ends of the line. Insert the bottom of earring hook in the top bead: with the help of the tweezers "open" it so you can insert it through the silver bead, then close so it holds tightly.

Then make another earring, using the same instructions!

Step 3: Make the Beaded Bracelet

Let's make the bracelet that will match the earrings!

You will need blue beads, bigger silver beads and smaller silver beads. I love using the fishing line for the beaded jewellery, about 1,5 m or 1,6 yard.

See the pattern for the bracelet and follow the instructions to make flower first.

Step 4: Bracelet - Start With a Flower

Follow the pattern to make the flower, using blue beads for flower, bigger silver beads for the center of the flower and smaller silver beads for the "tops".

Step 5: Finish the Bracelet

After making the flower make 3 rounds of blue, silver and blue and start to make the flower again.

Repeat according to the size of your hand. Test if you can put it on and take it off without any complications. But it also shouldn't look too freely on your hand, so it doesn't fall off.

Tie the ends together for few times and cut off excess.

The bracelet is ready!

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