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Introduction: Easy Boxy to Foxy T-shirt Transformation

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In this Instructable I will show you how to easily transform your boxy boy tee in to a cute boxy girlish tee and the best part is that the sewing part is up to you! This is a no-sew or sew project! So grab a tee and lets get started!

Step 1: Whatcha Need...

A crew neck tee

Some scissors

A seam ripper

And if you like...

Thread & a sewing machine!!!

Step 2: Cutting the Neckline...

Start by clipping the neck band at the shoulder but just to the edge of the tee. Then pivot your scissors to cut in the ditch (tricky sewing term for where two pieces are sewn together) to remove the collar piece. As you cut you will notice that the tee shirt neck will have a fancy edge stitching to it, which is what you want! This will keep the neckline from stretching out and fraying. Cut off the entire neck band. If your tee is like the one shown (most are) the back neckline will have an extra band on the inside, sometimes it even continues down the shoulders on the inside of the tee. If you are not going to sew you can skip this next step but if you are going to sew you need to use a seam ripper to detach this piece from the back neckline and then use scissors to cut it off at the shoulders.

Step 3: Shortening the Sleeve...

This next step will give you a nice shapely short sleeve, guaranteed!

First fold the hem of the sleeve up once. To get the girlie shape fold just the top of the sleeve hem one more time. When you unfold it you should end up with a wedge as shown. Cut the sleeve along the fold and use the piece you cut off as a pattern to cut the other sleeve. If you are a NO sew person, guess what? You are done! If you are a sewer, well go forth and SEW!!!

Step 4: The Optional Sewing Part...

This step is really easy! Turn your neckline under about 1/4" and stitch it down. Avoid stretching too much while you do this! Now on to the sleeve. Hem them up about 1/4" as well. Then give the neckline and sleeve hems a nice flat press and VOILA, you are done!

Did you like this project? If so check out my other T-shirt Transformations and maybe throw me a vote? Thanks for reading!

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    2 years ago

    So far this is the only t-shirt neck altering tutorial that actually makes sense for a nice finished look. I am so glad you addressed the issue of the raw edge!! Thank you.. I will probably give this a try!!


    6 years ago

    Very nice. Any tips on how to make the body of the t-shirt into a more slender feminie fit too?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Hi there and why yes! I always like to start with a T-shirt that already fits well. I then use that top as a guide to match it to the top I want to alter. Fold both tops in half shoulder to shoulder and hem to hem and then put them on top of each other. Use the shape of the tee you like as a guide to get the shape you want on the boxy tee you are trying to alter. Make sense?