Introduction: Easy Captain America Shield With Strap

This project is a Captain America Shield with a strap so you can wear the shield.

It is extremely easy to make, and the supplies are very common and easily found.

The shield is strong and very fun. You can play with it.


2 A3 sheets



Compass or anything which you can use to draw circles



Paper Cutter

Fevicol or Feviquick or Hot Glue Gun

Duct Tape

Paint Brush

Paint - Blue, Red, White

Rubber Bands

Step 1: Sketching the Shield

Take 2 A3 sheets and stick them together.

Then draw the shield referring to the image above or any templates.

The shield can be of any size which you want.

After drawing the template, cut it out.

Taking reference from this template, cut out the cardboard.

Step 2: Getting Cardboard Ready

Get a cardboard sheet.

Then cut out the triangle shapes as given in the image. I cut out 13 Triangles.

Step 3: Bending the Cardboard

Take one cardboard and bend it as shown in the image.

Then bend all of them in the same way.

Step 4: Making the Shield

Stick the Cardboard pieces in a circle, using the gum.

Try to stick them as strong as possible.

Step 5: Top Circle

Cut out a circle cardboard, and stick it on the top of the shield.

Step 6: Sticking Newspapers

Take newspapers and make them into small pieces.

Get some Fevicol and a brush and stick the newspapers all over the shield.

After sticking the newspapers, take reference from the template and draw the outline on the newspaper with a pencil.

Step 7: Making the Strap

The strap or holder is very easy to make.

All you need to do is cut 2 long strips out of the Cardboard.

And then stick them onto the shield.

After this use the rubber bands to tighten the straps onto your hands.

Step 8: Painting the Shield

Take the paints -




Then paint the shield according to the color scheme given on the painted image.

Step 9: And Thats It Your Shield Is Ready for War!

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