Introduction: Easy Cardboard Puzzle

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I made a simple abstract puzzle using cardboard and paint.

Step 1: Equipment

I used:




crafting knife

paints (i used acrylics)

Step 2: Cut Out a Flat Area

I used the scissors to get a rough size for the puzzle i wanted to make.

Step 3: Drawing the Puzzle Shapes

I drew out the shape of the puzzle i wanted to make.

Step 4: Cut Out the Shape of the Puzzle

I then cut out the puzzle using the crafting knife.

Step 5: Cut Out the Individual Pieces

Then i cut out the individual shapes using the crafting knife. This took a while but doing before painting made sure if i made any mistakes i could fix them.

Step 6: Paint the Whole Puzzle With White Paint

I then painted the entire puzzle with white paint so it would be easier for the colour paint to show up.

Step 7: Desired Design

I then painted the puzzle with my desired design. I wanted to do an abstract design.

Step 8: Take Apart the Puzzle

I took apart the puzzle before the paint was completely dry so that i could take it apart easier.

Step 9: Finished Puzzle

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