Easy Cart for Heavy Duty Transport (From Shopping Cart)




Introduction: Easy Cart for Heavy Duty Transport (From Shopping Cart)

This instructable is for everyone that needs to transport heavy cargo, but doesn't have the proper equipment.

For me it's actually an addition to my 3-Way Sound System.


I needed something that could help me transport my soundsystem. I was looking for bicycle carts on the internet, but I only had a very low budget.

So I took a good look into my backyard, and there I found a easy solution to my problem. The main two ingredients are: a table and a shopping cart.

(The shopping cart is easily replaceable for any type of D.I.Y store wheels.)

Step 1: The Main Ingredient

You basically need two things:
-Set of wheels (I use the wheels of a shopping cart)

Step 2: The Wheels

When using wheels from a D.I.Y shop you can skip this step.

Dismantle the wheels of a shopping cart:
-take of the actual wheels (pic.1)
-take of the suspension (pic.1,2)
-take of the ring where the suspension was attached to. (pic. 3) This can be pretty tricky because the ring is welded to the arm of the cart. Use a grinding machine incl. some protection for your eyes.

Step 3: The Table

Take of the table-legs at the height of your choice. Remember the lower, the more stabel.

Step 4: Attach the Wheels to the Table

Start with attaching the ring to the table-leg. This is the weakest point of the construction. So make sure you really give this all you got.

Drill a hole in the wood to make a little room for the bold of the suspension. Make the hole just a little smaller than the actual bold is.

Use super glue and screws to attach the ring.

Repeat this on each table -leg.

Now attach the suspension with the original bold. Don't go to far with this, you might crack the wood.

Attach the wheels back on the suspension.

Step 5: Finish

So now it's finished, you can choose to add some extra's like a curly bold to pull the cart or a little ridge at the edges to prevent things from falling off.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea, excellent ible and always a pleasure to see the hordes of jerks creeping out of their holes whenever someone says shopping cart! ^^


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It costs about four bucks a wheel with screw plates and revolving ball bearings to buy new 'castor wheels' to make one of these.

    Last time I looked, it cost $123 for a shopping cart. and about $60 a year per cart to pay for a heliocopter to fly around locating stolen trollies.

    I guess it must be OK to take a shopping trolly apart to get $16 bucks worth of wheels if you don't mind me coming over and taking the wheels off your car so I can make boat trailer or something... Like the other poster asked; What's the shopping trolly doing in your back yard in the first place?

    I also have a few shopping carts in my backyard,honestly......they just did not end up there.Thanks Piggly Wiggley!!!!I'm going to build my flight case's for my drums with those bad boys wheels!!!(I know it's not right,but I needed them and they had so many!!)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Shopping cart was probably "honestly bought" by inserting 50cts coin! Cheapest source of wheels, BBQ parts, around! Btw: bolt spel je met een T.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Why was a perfectly good shopping cart in your backyard?