Introduction: Helicam

Transform your rc helicopter into a high tech stealth spy unit.

Step 1: Buying a Heli and Removing Any Graphics.

When searching for a rc heli bigger is always better. The heli I bought was called the Lamav4. A good heli for someone who has never flown one before. The 2 rotors make it one of the more stable rc helis´s. Today´s rc helis are pretty cheap. This one was 75 euros so that´s probably around 2000 dollars.

Most heli´s have very lame graphics so it is essential to remove these. Maybe make some graphics of your own.

Step 2: More Things You Need

You of course need a small wireless camera and a receiver. I picked this up via a friend but they should cost around 40 to 60 euros

If you want record the footage on let´s say a laptop you should get an av to usb adaptor. Maybe there are smarter way´s of doing it but i did this. Because I had one laying around.

Don't forget to pick up a few 9 volt batteries.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Try to put the 9 volt battery directly under the heli´s own battery. So it doesnt f up it´s balance to much. I used a rubber band and some tape to secure it. (very high tech)

I positioned the camera to look straight down. You can of course put it anywhere you like. because it´s not heavy at all.

Step 4: DONE!

And boom! your done! get ready for some stealth action!

here´s a movie testing it