Introduction: Easy Colorful Pom Pom Tote Bag

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Ok, I love making pom poms. Big ones especially! I had a bunch of scrap yarn just taking up space so I decided to make something fun and useable with it. I came up with this Funky pom pom tote bag using a scrap ruffled apron tote I had made and many large Pom Poms made out of colorful scrap yarn from around home and this is how you can make one too!!


There are several tutorials of making pom poms and tote bags if you want to make your own. I have added some helpful links for getting or creating your fabric tote bag and pom-poms. (I chose this because it seemed very straight forward and easy to follow.) (This one is very inexpensive and comes with a storage case which is very useful for containing all of your glue sticks and glue-gun in one place.)

I used an old ruffled apron tote bag I had made, but just any old cloth or canvas tote you have laying around the home is great! I have purchased several from amazon as well for very inexpensive. You need no sewing, crocheting, or knitting skills to be able to create this pretty little thing!

Simply follow these steps in this instructable and you will have a very pretty handmade, one of a kind tote bag to bring on your next outing!

Have Fun Crafting!


I used 26 Yarn pom poms (size of pom-poms as well as your design will determine how many pom poms are needed.)

Fabric Tote Bag

Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Step 1: Gather Supplies

Plug in your hot glue gun

Get extra glue sticks handy

Lay out your bag onto a flat surface

Gather your Pom Poms (This is where I determine how many pom-poms I will need to make my design)

Step 2: Lay Out Your Pom Poms

Determine where you would like each Pom Pom.

While the gun is heating up, I lay the pom poms out in a pattern or design that I like.

Sometimes It takes a few attempts to get it to my liking.

Once you have determined the placement of each pom pom, take them off of the bag and lay them out on the flat surface keeping them in your planned pattern or design.

Step 3: Begin to Glue the Pom Poms on the Bag

Squeeze out a nice amount of glue in a nice circular motion about the size of the pom pom you are putting on the bag.

Place your pom pom on the glue somewhat quickly so the glue does not set.

*If you have never used a hot glue gun, be careful. You can get burned from the hot glue pretty easily if not using caution. The glue also sets fairly quickly, so be sure you know where you are placing the pom pom before gluing. Also, once it is placed, it does not come off easily if it needs moved since the glue sets so fast.

Continue the first and second steps until all pom poms are glued on. I put pom poms on front and back of my bag, but if you want you can just put them on the front. Make it yours! Get Creative!

Step 4: Photo Ready!

Examine your bag.

Use the scissors to trim any longer yarn pieces that look unsightly.

Display your bag.

If you are happy with your bag, smile, model, and photograph your bag! Share it with all your friends!!

Step 5: Look for Obvious Empty Spots

Once you have placed the last pom pom to your bag, hold it up and look to see if any empty space is showing anywhere. If so, glue on another pom pom to each empty spot.

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