Introduction: Easy Controller Belt Buckle

I've been thinking for some time now, how cool would it be to have a XBox controller belt buckle. I knew I had a broken one somewhere, but I couldn't find it. I also looked at almost all the belt buckle instructables, and they almost all require soldering, liquid nails, or access to a power tool. I can't get a hold of power tools very easily, so I thought, why not make an easy version of a controller belt buckle.

Step 1: Stuff

Stuff that you will need:


Duct Tape or Packaging Tape




Step 2: Starting Out

First you need to take all the screws out of the controller and take the back off. My controller looked like the one below. Cut the wires, but don't take the circuit boards off, the buttons will fall out.

Step 3: Wires and Tape, Wires and Tape

Take two peices of wire, each so that you can pull it through the other side and have slack enough that you can pull your belt through. Tape the wires like I have them below, overlapped.

Step 4: Putting It Back Together

Once you have put the two wires through and taped them, you need to put it back together. It will be harder to do, because there are 4 holes that are spaced because of the wires. You need to put screws back in the middle, I had 3 screws to put back.

Step 5: Now, to Wearing It.

You have to wear the belt a certain way, to wear this belt buckle. Put the belt on like I have it below. To put the belt buckle on, you have to put the first wire loop on to the belt before you put it through the belt loop right of the middle of your pants. After you put it through the right belt loop, you put it through the other wire loop. Then finish putting your belt on the way shown below.

Step 6: Now What?!

Now, you can sport your awesome controller belt buckle. You could make something else to go with it, I wear my awesome no sleeved sweatshirt. I'm sure you could find something just nerdy enough to go with it, so have fun with your sweet new belt buckle.