Introduction: Easy DIY Volcano Costume With Smoke

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Hello everyone, I have recently made a Volcano costume for my sons school fancydress show..this can also be used as Halloween costume.As the theme was Nature , I brainstormed on what he likes and shortlisted few themes out of which he chose Volcano and I got 2 weeks to do that...we spent overall of 6-7 hrs in those 2 weeks...I have not found costume of this kind which is super easy to make in any of the blogs so thought would share it with everyone....I have also put smoke on the volcano vent which gathered a huge round of applause ...I have recorded a step by step video on how to do it at home ...Please make some time to watch below you can find step by step instruction on how to do it at home...

Step 1: Getting Prepared

Materials needed:
1.Big Cardboard
3.Colors:orange ,yellow ochre,Red ,White and black.
4.Blackcharts 2
5.Strong thread to tie the cardboard
6.Brushes to paint
7.clay/orange play dough
For the CROWN or Vent flames printouts 3 shiny tape
3.Black cardstock papers 3
4.Fevikwik and fevicol gum

Firstly,You need to get a big cardboard box of size approximately 8 ×8 feet .Ensure it is no less than 6×6 feet as this decides the volcano circumference.
I have cut the sides of the box to make it a big rectangle...
Now on one side of that big rectangle (i have used a side so that if something goes wrong i can cut circle on the other side)i have estimated a centre and drew a circle ..Cut the circle .Now cut a pie from the circle. You can see the circle image with a pie cut in it...

Step 2: Making the Skeleton of Volcano

Now to get the shape of a Volcano ,bend the circle to form a cone. I took the help of my husband to hold the cone in place.
Make three holes from the vent to the circumference on both the sides of the cardboard and tie it with strong thread ..

Paste the black chart all over

Step 3: Getting the Volcano Look

Now i have used clay to get that real cracked look of stones ,lava and ashes on the volcano.
You can use orange play dough if you do not have clay..(instead of buying You can make the orange play dough by mixing orange food color to chapati dough)

Step 4: Coloring the Volcano

Till now we are done with the basic look and now we have to add colors to show the ashes and lava flowing out of volcano.
Now using the colors orange ,red ,Yellow ochre ,Grey(white+black) paint the volcano as shown in the pictures.
Ash color to be painted on both the sides of the pasted clay.
We can involve children at this part as they might find it joyful doing their own project...give them freedom to color the lava flowing as it doesnot have any pattern...
I involved my son at this step ...he was very happy to do it and helped me doing half the the vent and at the border i pasted an orange shiny tape which you can see in the overall costume pic..
Please make a note that the vent of the volcano has to be cut again in a circular shape based on the person who is wearing the costume..

Step 5: Making the Crown

80%job done with the volcano ..Now we have to make a crown ..
I have used 3 black cardstock papers and made a cylindrical crown to fit my sons head ...
I used the below 3 fire flames printouts...cut it along the flames and paint it orange on the backside..
Now paste it over the cylindrical crown..
Decorating the crown was done by my husband..who gave me a helping hand all over the project...
After pasting the flames ...below make the ring of fire by painting with orange color...and give a real look of lava flowing... this will match the crown with volcano ...

Step 6: The Fun and Interesting Part ..smoke Out of Volcano

Now this is the step which gave the costume a real look and attracted great applause when my son showcased it on the stage...
Everyone was surprised to see the smoke out of volcanoo...
And the secret behind the smoke is REAL flashed me one day while i was offering prayer to God with the Dhoop stick...
And tadaaaa..... this simple idea made the volcano costume a UNIQUE one ...
Ok coming to how i did it can watch in my video in youtube ..the link for the same i have pasted in my introduction step...or you can search with Treasuring our moments forever in youtube channel list...
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