Introduction: Easy Day Hoops

Step 1: Feed Beads Onto Hoop

Feed beads onto the round (not flattened) end of a hoop until there is 1” of un-beaded hoop remaining.

Step 2: Bend the End of the Hoop

Using your chain nose pliers bend the end of the hoop upward at a 90-degree angle.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat to make remaining hoop.

Step 4: Want Some More Ideas for More Easy Day Hoops?

- Mix or stripe up your seed beads!

- Graduate the beads (go from smaller to larger and then back to smaller) along the length of the hoop. Take care with the weight, heavy earrings can be hard to wear.

- Add dangles to the center of the hoop.

- Hoops too big? Shorten them by nipping a bit off the round end of each hoop. Use a file to remove any sharp edges on the metal before wearing.