Introduction: Easy Diy Custom Polymer Clay Charm Bracelet and Necklace

how to turn polymer clay into a custom rainbow charm bracelet and necklace with easy to follow instructions and pictures.


your choice of 8 different colors of polymer clay.

mini cookie cutters (optional)

razor blade/clay knife

work space/cutting mat

convection oven

clay roller/rolling pin

beading wire

2 lobster clasps

3 1/2 inches of jewelry chain

Step 1: How to Make the Beads

  1. first get just enough of each color to roll a snake.
  2. once you roll a snake of each color lay out the snakes all next to one another then push them together just enough to where they stick together and you should have what looks like a strip of the rainbow.
  3. now take the rainbow strip and roll it up into a large snake.
  4. now take the rainbow snake and cut it into small pieces about the size you want your beads then roll those smaller pieces into balls.
  5. now take the rainbow swirl beads and get a piercing tool if you don't have a piercing tool just use a tooth pick or a large sewing needle and poke hole in the beads for string to pass through. now your beads are ready to fire.
  6. once fired you should have your completed beads that will be used for both the necklace and the charm bracelet.

Step 2: How to Make the Bracelet Charms

  1. first your gonna mini cookie cutters in what ever shapes you want your charms to be if you don't have mini cookie cutters then use an exacto knife or a fine razor blade and cut out the shapes you want. you can either make another rainbow strip or use one single color.
  2. now using a clay rolling pin flatten you clay till its about 3/16 of an inch thick.
  3. once you have your clay flattened use either your cookie cutters or you razor blade to cut out the shapes you want.
  4. once you cut out the shapes pierce a small hole hole in the top your charms should be ready to fire.
  5. once your charms have been fired they should be good to go and ready to be put on your bracelet.

Step 3: How to Make the Rainbow Necklace Pendant

  1. first make another rainbow strip.
  2. then shape the strip into a rainbow.
  3. now roll out a ball of white clay.
  4. then cut out 4 cloud shapes.
  5. once you have your clouds and your rainbow take the clouds and sandwich either end of the rainbow between to of the clouds then repeat on the other end.
  6. now that you have a good looking rainbow pierce a small hole at the top.
  7. then take a piece of wire and make a loop through the hole to be able to put the string through.
  8. once you have done all that you can fire the pendant and you should have a finished rainbow pendant for your necklace.

Step 4: Stringing Your Bracelet and Necklace

  1. so first decide how long you want your necklace then cut the wire or string to the length that you would like.
  2. once you have a length of string tie a lobster clasp to one end.
  3. then put your beads and pendant in the order that you would like on the string.
  4. once you've got your beads on the string tie the chain to the other end.
  5. you now have your completed necklace.
  6. now for your bracelet it's the same process but instead of chain on one end just tie a loop for the lobster clasp.
  7. once you've tied the loop you should now have your completed bracelet.
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