Introduction: Easy Fidget Hand Spinner

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Hand spinners are used as time pass toys may be built using wood, cardboard or plastic. Each end has a Counter weight and a small bearing at the centre.

Step 1: Get Some Things

1. coins used as counter weight
2. Ruler
3. cyanoacrylate Glue
4. Plastic foam board the white sheet of board you can see in the picture. you can also use a cardboard which is strong
5. Marker pen
6. Utility knife
That's all folks.

Step 2: Marking and Finishing the Shape of Spinner

Mark the design as in the image with showed dimensions on your foam board or cardboard and cut out as showed and place the coins in place and mark the circles and make holes for those coins to fit in the place. if your coin is very large and if it won't fit find something like that in junk yard. I have used 3 coins glued together for one hole and totally 9 coins for 3 holes. I have also used sand paper for tiny parts removal of board. And the hole must give the space to coins to fit tightly in the hole as in picture.

Step 3: Fitting Bearing in Place

Use the same method to fix the bearing in centre as you come up with for fixing coins. since I don't able to get the required size bearing I have used a pen's tip and made small pin hole on the spinner and placed it on the pen point and used as spinner. That's all. Isn't it soo easy.? Please like and comment watch my youtube channel here and subscribe.