Introduction: Easy Friendship Bracelet

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Step 1: Materials and Measurement

You need a safety pin and embroidery floss -4 colors -2 of each color - arms length... Then take the threads together and fold them in half. Tie a knot at tho top, leaving a loop in for thing off later.

Step 2: Braiding

Honestly, this bracelet is a simple fishtail braid. For those of you who don't know how to fishtail it's really simple. You take a thread from the back of the left half and you bring it over to the front of the right half. Repeat to the other side with the same color. It's REALLY TRICKY the first few rows of colors because there is no set pattern. Once you get your patter down its simple, but a bit tedious. So have lots of time on your hands. No pun intended ;)

Step 3: Finishing

Once you have your bracelet the desired length it's time to fit it on your wrist. Take one half of the strings that aren't braided and stick it through the loop we made back at the top. Them slip it on your wrist. Take the strings in the loop and tie them tightly to the strings outside of the loop. That's it!

Step 4: Thanks

That's it for the bracelet! Make matching ones for your friends! In a few months I will have a website up selling bracelets and duct tape items so if you can't make these just buy one when they come out!!! Follow and favorite! I take requests! --moskiii13