Introduction: Easy Friendship Bracelet

This is the most basic version of the friendship bracelet.


  • Embroidery floss thread (3+ segments needed)
  • Tape (scotch or ducktape works)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Bead, button, or other small fastener

Step 1: Measure and Cut

It takes at least three segments to create most friendship bracelets. Measure each segment to the length of your outstretched arm. Be generous, it's better to have a little extra thread than to run out.

Note: It will seem like a lot of thread, but it gets short fast when you start working.

Step 2: Tie

Carefully tie the threads together in a simple knot — be sure to leave plenty of loose thread at the top, this will be important for tying the bracelet to your wrist later —

Step 3: Fasten

After tying the threads, tape the bracelet to a solid surface such as a table, or clamp it onto a clipboard as I did. Alternatively, a safety pin may be used to connect it to something stable.

Having the bracelet tied down will make it easier to tie the knots.

Step 4: Knot

For purpose of instruction, I will refer to the thread on the far left (the white one in the above photo) as the principle thread, and going left to right, thread 1-3.

Take the principle in your left hand and thread 1 in your right. Cross the Principle thread over thread 1, forming a 4 (as above), next, drag the principle under and around thread 1.

Hold thread 1 taunt. Tighten the principle by pulling straight forward and away from yourself to ensure the knot forms at the top of the bracelet.

For a thicker bracelet, and to finish quicker, make sure you do this twice.

Keep the principle and move on to thread 2. Complete the same process here of knotting the principle twice.

And finally, do it again for thread 3.

You have completed your first line.

Step 5: Repeat and Complete

Now that you have completed your first line thread 1 will be your new principle.

Working left to right, continue the same progress as described above.

Tie tight knots closely together to ensure a flawless pattern.

And repeat, repeat, repeat until the bracelet has reached the desired length. You can use a different thread to measure your wrist or a different bracelet for reference.

Step 6: Tie Off

Once the bracelet has reached the desired length collect the principle and threads 1-3 in your hand and tie them off close to where the pattern ended. This way nothing comes unraveled.

You can either tie the bracelet onto your wrist now or, continue through these final steps where we will create a detachable latch.

If you choose to just tie the bracelet onto your wrist be sure to tie it loose enough that you can slide it off over your hand.

Step 7: Add Fastener

Thread the button or bead onto the threads and tightly tie it on, be sure to double knot it so it doesn't slip off.

Step 8: Final Step

Either tie a loop on the other end or like me, just tie another knot, leaving enough space for the threads to slip over the fastener and hold the bracelet together.

Finally, cut off all loose threads, but be sure to leave a little extra attached in case you need to tighten the knots later.

And your bracelet is complete!