Introduction: Easy Glass Lids Wind Chime

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This beautiful wind chime is such an easy project it's perfect for kids and can be completed in an afternoon.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

~5 glass Libby Jar lids, or any glass lid with a similar shape.
~Tube, about 32inches long.
~Hemp or cord.
~Cover from a small fan.
~Handful of temporary tattoos.
~Spray paint, any colors you like.
~Can of outdoor sealant.
~E6000 glue.

~Screw driver
~Pipe cutter
~Measuring tape
~Masking tape
~Drill and 3/16 drill bit.
~Glass of water and washcloth.

Step 2: Lids

To get my glass lids ready I used a screw driver to pop off the plastic seal.
Next I turned my lids over and sprayed a bit of sealant to the flat side so my temporary tattoos will stick to the glass.
Once the sealant is dry we are going to turn them back over so we can add some color to the inside of our lids. Simply tape off the outer rim and using any colors you like to paint the lids. Allow them to dry completely then remove your tape.

Step 3: Pipe Work

For the chime part of my wind chime I'm just using an old pipe I had laying around. You can use what ever you have handy as long as it makes a noise you enjoy.
While my lids are drying I did a little math and decided how long I wanted each of my pipe pieces to be. My full pipe was 32 inches so I marked my pipe into four pieces, one 5inches long, one 7inches long, 9inches and 11 inches. Using my pipe cutter I cut at my marked spots.

Then using my drill and drill bit I drilled a hole through the top of each pipe.

Step 4: Add Your Tattoos

You can skip this step but the tattoos add a nice pop of detail.
Follow in the instructions that come with the temporary tattoos. For mine I pulled off the protective cover from the tattoo, placed it face down on my Libby lid and held a wet washcloth to the tattoo for about 45 seconds. Carefully pull of the tattoo paper and see your new colorful pieces. Give the lids a few mins to dry then use your outdoor sealant to seal your tattoos.

Step 5: Tie Them Off

Next I cut 4 equal length stands of cord. I made mine about 12inches. Then I cute 5 different lengths of some natural hemp, mine varied from about 6inches to about 18inches.
First I passed the end of one stand of my cord through my holes in the top of a tube. I tied it off just above the tube. Repeat for all tubes.
Next I took one end of my pink hemp and tied it around one of my lids. Repeat for all lids. When everything is tied, I secured each knot with a dab of E6000
Once my glue was dry, I tied all of my lids and tubes to my fan face.

Step 6: Just About Done

Lastly I took four more strands of cord (about 12inches long) and tied them to the top of my fan face at equal distances apart. Then taking all four cords I tied them to the bottom of a large hook and added plenty of glue. Once ur glue is dry take your new wind chime and put it outside to see and hear it in action.

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