Introduction: Easy Halloween Nail Art

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No video because I just did this for fun! and I never do nail art. Haha. I know it's not a face paint but I hope you enjoy. =D let me know what you think? Check out my youtube page for more art and Halloween ideas! I've got a lot!

Step 1: Base

First thing you need to do it pick your base colors and paint them on. I decided green and black would be fun! The color names are 'fresh cut grass' and 'black magic' I don't know the brand though. sorry! Keep in mind what colors are going to be going on top so you can see them!

Step 2: Spider Web

Taking a white nail polish, I used a nail art one but you can use a nail art brush and normal white polish if you want. I painted three lines first. Then I added curved little lines between them. The pictures help because explaining it is hard. Haha.

Step 3: Lil Spider

I made a little spider by taking some black nail polish and making a dot then dragging 3 lines (or you can do 4 I decided to only do 3) off the side for the lil legs. I then took white and made a line going up for it's web.

Step 4: BATS

I have glow in the dark nail polish with little bats in them (got it at target) and I put that on the other nails. EASY!


I took this glitter nail polish next and put it over the webs to make them shinny! A cute little touch. haha. AND THAT'S IT! TA-DA. simple.

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