Easy Notebook to Make and Looks Pro!

Introduction: Easy Notebook to Make and Looks Pro!

Step 1:

Get a coloured piece of corrugated cardboard

Step 2: Spine

Cut a thin strip from the cardboard, this will be your spine.

Step 3: Front and Back of Book

Cut the rest of the cardboard in half to make the front and back of the book.

Step 4: Connect the Front and Back to the Spine

Cut of the corners of one side on both front and back, fold the cut corners underneath to make flaps.

Step 5: Stick the Spine

Stick one tab to the spine.

Step 6: Finish the Book Shell

Stick the other tab on top of the tab that was stuck before.

Step 7: Decorate the Outside

Rip a bit if pretty scrapbooking paper and stuck it on the bottom if the book shell.

Step 8:

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    8 years ago

    great work.