Easy Origami Money Rabit



Introduction: Easy Origami Money Rabit

Money origami offers a creative way to present gifts for special occasions. An origami bunny folded from a dollar bill makes an especially adorable way to give a child an Easter gift. This money origami bunny is also fairly easy to fold, even if you're only just beginning to study origami. It is a slightly modified version of a project featured in the Origami Page-A-Day Calendar

This project, like all money origami designs, works best when made with a crisp bill that is relatively new. Bills that are wrinkled and worn from being in circulation for many years have trouble holding their shape well. If you can't find crisp bills in your wallet, ask a friendly bank teller for assistance.

Tutorial Video:

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOJK4xGfM3wcvm2PFgj4-Q?sub_confirmation=1

Step 1: Make a Waterbomb Base

The first step in making an origami bunny from a dollar bill is to make a waterbomb base. With George Washington's head face up on the table, fold the top left corner over to the right side of the paper. Fold the bottom right corner over to the left side of the paper. Fold the left side down to make a crease that intersects the two diagonal creases you have just made. Use this crease to collapse the bill inward. When you are finished, your project should look like the photo to the left.

Step 2: Create the Bunny's Body

Flip your bill over. Fold the right side of the dollar bill up so it touches just below the point on the left side. When finished, your project should look like the photo to the left.

Step 3: Fold in Half

Fold your dollar bill in half as shown in the photo to the left. The top layer of your triangle will fold down to make the bunny's head.

Step 4: Make Your Origami Money Bunny's Ears

Fold the top corners of the bunny's head down and out to make them look like rabbit ears.

Step 5: Fold the Money Bunny's Tail

To make your origami bunny's backside, fold the back top corner down slightly to make a small triangle. Open your bill just enough so you can collapse this fold inward, then refold the project so it looks the dollar origami bunny in the photo to the left.

Step 6: Make Your Money Bunny's Legs

To make your origami money bunny's legs, fold the top left-hand corner down slightly to make a small triangle. Open your bill just enough so you can collapse this fold inward to give your rabbit two triangular shaped legs. Make the back legs by simply folding the top and bottom layers on the right side forward until the correct appearance is achieved.

Step 7: Your Dollar Origami Bunny Is Complete

Congratulations! Your origami money bunny is now complete! The money origami bunny is a fun addition to a small homemade origami Easter basket.

Make a basket by following the instructions in the tutorial on how to fold an easy origami box, then staple or tape a handle to your finished project. Fill your basket with green shredded paper, some candy, a money origami bunny, and a few colorful origami jumping frogs. If you can find large Easter eggs at your local dollar store, slip origami moneyfigures inside to use as the "special" prizes in your egg hunt. In addition to the money origami bunny, the money origami heart is an easy-to-fold design that is appealing to a younger audience.

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