Introduction: Easy Rubber Band Sniper

This is a project to make an easy rubber band sniper with basic tools and scrap wood off-cuts.


Tools you will need:

A hand saw

A plane

A sander (or sandpaper)

Small clamps

Materials and Supplies you will need:

Two bits of scrap wood (I recommend 2" wood)

Old wooden peg


Spray paint (optional)

Lots of rubber bands!

Step 1: Preparing Your Wood

This is an easy rubber band gun using two pieces of scrap wood (I found mine in the firewood pile) and an old wooden peg.The project should only take around 1 hour (not including the glueing times). With the smaller of your scrap pieces, you will want to cut an angle off to make it look more rounded and comfier to hold.

Step 2: Glueing Your Wood

If your recycled wood has any old glue etc on it , that will need to be removed before glueing. Mine was really old and crusty so the easiest thing to use was a chisel. Then you spread wood glue on the longer face of your small piece of wood and align the square end with the end of the bigger piece. Then clamp them together, and leave it for 1 hour.

Step 3: Sawing a Notch

This step is extremely easy, and will only require a hand saw. It will need to be about 5mm deep just to hold the rubber band loosely and comfortably. It needs to be near the top (the side with the peg on).

Step 4: Making It Rounder

All you need is a plane (mine is a small one from Wickes). Then you just want to make all of the sides nice and round so it is comfortable to hold. Don't rush this step and make sure both sides are fairly symmetrical.

Step 5: Smoothing the Body

This requires a bit of time to soften out the plane's rough edges. I recommend an electric sander because it is much quicker and easier but you could just use normal sand paper. This is also an opportunity to round the corners the plane couldn't get to.

Step 6: Setting Up the Peg

This step will be different depending on the length of your rubber bands. First, you put your rubber band into the peg. Then, you hook the band into your cut out notch. Finally, you pull back along the wood and make a mark where you are happy. Then release the rubber band CAREFULLY as it loaded. After that, glue the peg into position. Glue it on the side that naturally closes so you don't wear out the spring.

Step 7: Painting (optional)

I think this looks way cooler painted but it is your own opinion. If I could chose any colour, I would probably chose black or dark green, to get military sort of colours, but I had a good supply of blue so I thought I would use that! Another option would be to wax/oil/varnish/stain this and they would all look nice as well.

Step 8: Your Finished Product

You have just made an awesome, cheap and easy rubber band sniper that can fire accurately. To use, simply put the rubber band in the notch, pull back, clip in and FIRE!

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