Introduction: Easy Satay Tempeh With Peanut Sauce (meatless Satay)

This satay is so easy and have different taste of delicious with ordinary meat satay.
In this recipe you just need two main ingredient, tempeh and instant spicy peanut sauce.
But if you don't have instant peanut sauce. You can make it homemade.


1. Skewer
2. Grill, you can use BBQ grill or nonstick pan
3. Brush or spoon
4. A tiny bowl to put the peanut sauce
5. Blender/mortar/Food processor, optional if you don't have instant peanut sauce and want to make your own sauce
6. Plate for serving
7. Knife
8. Cutting board

Step 1: Ingredients

1. 200 grams tempeh
2. 1 tsb olive oil or virgin coconut oil, but if you don't like to much oil you can skip this
3. 2 tsb Sweet soy sauce
4. 2 tbsp instant peanut sauce

Step 2: Prepare the Satay

First cut the tempeh into cube and stick the tempeh into skewer.

Step 3: Prepare the Peanut Sauce

If you using instant peanut sauce. Add water to two table spoon peanut sauce. Add 1-2 teaspoon sweet soy sauce. Combine it well.
For instant peanut sauce, you can found it on Asia store or Indonesian food. In indonesia we call peanut sauce 'saus kacang'.
But if you don't have or not find any instant peanut sauce.
You just need:
1. 2-3 table spoon peanut who was be roast or fry
2. 2 small garlic
3. 2 teaspoon palm sugar or brown sugar
4. a pinch salt
5. one teaspoon oil, any oil like olive oil or virgin coconut oil can be used
6. 2 teaspoon sweet soy sauce

Blend it all in food processor, add a few spoon water until smooth.
You even can replace peanut with roasted almond and replace palm sugar with one dates.

Step 4: Roast or Grill the Satay

Before you cook the satay.
Spread the peanut sauce to tempeh with food brush, then grill it on grill or non stick pan.
Rotate the satay and brush with sauce until the satay cooked.

Step 5: Serve the Satay

If you satay cooked, turning into golden brown and slightly burned, you ready to serve it with rice or steamed potato, and 'krupuk' a.k.a Indonesian crackers

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