Introduction: Non Stick Glue Gun Mat

This tutorial is super easy and cheap.
If you always work with glue gun. You will need this tools to prevent the hot glue stick on the surface of your table.

Step 1: Prepare the Material

You will need:
1. Carton paper (the size is depend to you need), mine 20×30cm
2. Scissor
3. Double tape, baking paper or wax paper can work as well too

Step 2: How to Make

First, after you prepare the material. You need to cut the carton to get the size what you need.
In this tutorial I reuse carton from shirt. Usually if you buy a shirt or hem, you will get a cartoon to keep the shirt shape to preventing wrinkle.
I need a large non stick mat, so I don't cut this carton and just let the size

Step 3: Let's Make It Not Sticky

If you use baking paper, you should glue the baking paper to cover the carton surface.
You can use white glue or double tape. Up to you.
But if you want simple step, you can just cover the carton with double tape on the one side.
Cover all the carton surface and don't leaving any gap because hot glue can stick to it.
Remeber! Do not peel off the double tape because we need the non stick side the double tape to hold and prevent the melted glue stick to the carton paper or mat.

Step 4: Finishing

Finish your nonstck mat with trim the excess.

Step 5: Ready to Use

Now your nonstick mat is ready to use.
This mat really non stick. If your glue melt to this surface, just let it dry and cold, and voila! So easy to peel off the rest of the glue.
You even can make another size mat.

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