Introduction: Pocket - Size Glue Gun Holder

If you always work with glue gun. This project is really worth to make.
This glue gun holder is very useful and easy to make.
Not just to hold the glue gun, but this holder also portable, small and can you fold into pocket size, so you can bring it when travel. This holder even had nonstick fitur!
C'mon let's make it!


1. Carton paper 20×30 cm
2. Cutter
3. Double tape
4. Black Tape or clear tape(optional)
5. Long ruller
6. Scissors (not in pic)
7. Pencil or another marker
8. Cutting mat (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

In this project you will need a carton paper, double tape, cutter, long ruller, scissors and marker.
For the carton I'm reusing a paper from shirt.
Usually if we buy shirt or hem, there are paper inside it to keep the shirt shape still neat and prevent the wrinkle.

Step 2: Divide the Carton Into Two Parts

First, you should cut the carton in the middle.
Cut it horizontal and you will get two piece carton in same size.
One carton will be the body and the other will be the holder.

Step 3: Make the Body

To make the body, you should mark and slice the carton in the middle. So you can fold it easily.
Then turn back the carton and mark on the left and right the fold around two centimeters with pencil.
Slice the mark and after this part you should can fold this paper carton to 'M' shape.
The body part done.

Step 4: Make the Holder

Before make the holder, you should measure your glue gun handle. For example my glue gun handle had 8 cm length. Add 1 cm extra to this size. So I need a paper (8cm+1cm)×2 for the length size.
For the width let it same size with the body holder width.
Use the rest of the paper carton to make it.
Cut it 18cm, mark it in the middle and slice it with cutter, so you can fold it easily.
Then cut curve the paper on the middle fold. This cut will be glue gun place.
And you're done make the holder.

Step 5: Attach the Holder to the Body

Attach the holder to the body with the tape in the middle body.
Place the holder feet on the 2cm mark.
In this point I recommended use double tape to one side gluegun holder, because double tape had non stick side, so the double tape surface will be non sticky area.
REMEMBER! Do not peel off the double tape! We need the non stick side on the double tape to hold the melted glue.
Let the other side without double tape. This area will be the glue gun handle. Or you can put double sided tape to both side :)
Your glue gun holder should be look like in the last picture.

Step 6: Finishing

Trim the excess of the tape.
Fix and clearing up the holder and test the glue gun holder to make sure the glue gun fit perfectly to it.
Fold the gluegun holder carefully.
Follow the body fold in 'M' shape.
Your glue gun should be like in the picture.
So small ya? Small enough to bring in your pocket :)
And the glue will not stick to the holder, because the double tape make it so easy to peel of.
Peel of the glue when it hard and cold.

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