Introduction: Easy String Art DIY

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Hi! Today I'll be showing you how to make easy string art! These easy DIYs make awesome gifts and decorations. It will take at least 30 minutes to do, depending on what design you pick to make. This is a fun project that is easy to learn. (This was actually my first time, too)

Step 1: Supplies


  • A cork-board (you can get them on Amazon or a local craft store)
  • Embroidery string (you can get string on Amazon or a local craft store. Any string from friendship bracelet sets will work too.)
  • Pins
  • Paper template (you can make yur own design too, but templates are great for beginners)
  • Pencil with an eraser (optional)

Step 2: Pinning

Start by laying down a paper template or make your own design. If you have a template, go around the edges of it. For this tutorial, I'll be making a flower design. In the photo below, I pinned down the main points (each petal and the middle of every petal). This will help you space later on. You can use a pencil with an eraser if using your finger gets tiring to pin the needles down. Make sure that every pin is a finger space apart. If the pins are too close, then it wll be hard to string. If they are too far, the design might fall apart while stringing it. Keep putting the pins down until the whole design is finished.

Step 3: Stringing!!!

Once your whole design has a pinned down, take the template out. Now you can begin the fun: stringing! Double knot the string onto any pin. Then you can start stringing it any direction. It can be like a star, across, diagonal, or just random points! Have fun with this step. If you think the design doesn't look right, keep going! The next step will help and make the design pop out more.

Step 4: Outlining

You finished your design! You can begin outlining it. Loop the string around a pin and then continue onto the next pin and do the same thing. After this, you are done! Double knot the excess string onto a pin and cut off and extra string from that.

Step 5: Optional Additions

If you want to take your art to the next level, try adding different color string in different parts! You just have to repeat steps 1-3 and your project is complete! I colored the center of my flower in.

Step 6: Complete!

Congrats! You finished making this project. These string art make great gifts and decorations. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and share it with your friends and family. Thanks!

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