Introduction: Easy Suncatcher Coaster- Fun to Make for All Ages!

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This suncatcher coaster is fun, cheap and easy to make out of paper plates, glue and plastic mosaic tiles (the kind that you would find in the craft aisle of a department store). Suitable for children of all ages. It can be completed in a couple hours so it gives near instant gratification. A great rainy day project to keep little ones occupied, or a fun craft for all.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

1. One sided plastic glitter mosaics (enough to cover the inside circles of two regular sized paper plates)

2. Scissors

3. White glue

4. Four full sized plain white paper plates.

Step 2: Spread Glue on Plates

You will use 2 plates (doubled) for each side of the mosaic. Spread white glue in the top centers of the doubled plates. Do not put glue on the fluted parts of the plates. Do not worry about neatness as the glue will be clear when dried to resemble a glaze. It is better to use more glue than less, but you can add glue as needed while making project. When done, you will have two doubled plates each with glue in the centers (facing up).

Step 3: Add the Plastic Mosaics

Add the plastic mosaics to the gluey area of both plates, making sure the mosaics are flat side down. Make a pattern with the colored mosaics or make it up as you go along. The two sides do not need to match and so can be completed by different people for a group project.

Step 4: Let Plates Dry

Leave plates until the glue has completed dried.

Step 5: Cut Off Fluted Edges

Using the scissors, cut off the fluted edges of both plates.

Step 6: Glue Plate Bottoms

Once, the glue has dried on both plates, apply glue to the bottoms of both.

Step 7: Glue Plates Together

Next, press the sections together, back to back. Depending upon the amounts of glue and mosaics on each, the two sections may not line up perfectly. You may trim as you feel needed.

Step 8: Use As a Coaster

One of the best things about this project is that it can be used immediately as a coaster. Additionally, if you use this coaster in sunlight, it will light up and throw sparkles on your cup and around the room. A great way to brighten up a winter day.

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