Introduction: Easy Thread Jewelry (earrings)

Hey everyone !! Here i have made simple and adorable jewelry out of thread and some old beads .

This is a easy way to make your own cute party jewelry . Also since this summer is all indoor , anyone can make these jewelry with only few items at home and turn your old earrings into colorful and attractive new ones.

I made earrings out of thread . I made three different types using thread.


  • color threads
  • old earrings
  • earring hooks
  • old beads (pearls)
  • old bracelets
  • scissors
  • a fork
  • a needle

Step 1: First Model Earrings (Multi-colour Pom Pom)

Take two coloured threads and roll then to a fork .(you can add as many colours you want)

Now take a thread and tie the thread in the middle .Now , cut the edges of the thread and shape then into a ball by trimming the excess thread.

Step 2: Pom Pom Is Ready

Now the pom pom is ready ... we need to add the earring hooks to this.

Take a needle with the same color thread and pass it through one side of the pom pom . pass it through the opposite side . Now add the hook at the opposite side and pass the thread and cut the excess thread.

Step 3: The Earrings Are Ready !!

wow !!! The thread pom pom earrings are now ready.. try them on !!!

Step 4: Second Model Earrings (Pom Pom With Beads)

Repeat the same steps for the pom pom with different colour thread. Now take a bead ( i used an old pearl) and pass thread through the hook.

Step 5: Adding the Beads.

Now , add the beads on the bottom of the pom pom and the earring hook on the opposite side.

Step 6: Its All Done !!!

These adorable earrings are ready!!!

Step 7: Third Model Earrings ( Pom Pom Hangings)

Take a chain ( here i used an old chain bracelet and cut it). Make two pom poms of smaller size.

Insert the chain into a stud earring and attach the pom pom to the chain.

Step 8: The Earrings Are Ready..!!

The pom pom hangings are finally ready to wear..!!!