Introduction: Easy Volcano(not Using Vinegar and Baking Powder)

This is really an amazing and easy project for


I did not use vinegar and baking powder, instead I used another formula for making this volcano and build between 2$ to 3$.

This is really a basic project. Also cheaper than vinegar volcanoes.

To make this project, follow the instructable.


-hydrogen peroxide

solution(200 ml.)

-yest(its better to use its water solution of 100 ml.)



-old news paper

-plaster of paris (POP)(You can get it from any hardware store)

Step 1: New Formula

I like science and I found this amazing reaction between Hydrogenperoxide and Yeast. This is similar to the old vinegar volcanoes.

This is my request to do it at small scale as the reaction is exothermic i.e.-it releases small amount of heat .

If you want slow reaction, make concentrated solution of yeast of about 100 ml. (30 % of water and 70 % of yeast).

If you want fast reaction, make dilute solution of yeast of about 1500 ml. (60 % of water and 40 % of yeast).

Step 2: ​making the Volcano

Take a piece of cardboard and put on it a bottle containing hydrogenperoxide and put layers of newspaper and glue around it and make it look like a real volcano.

Then cover the volcano with plaster of paris (I made a mixture of pop 60% and water 40%).

You can add paint to it and make it look more beautiful and atteractive.

Step 3: ​test

Now test the volcano. To do that, pour the yeast solution to hydrogenperoxide.

You might get a small fountain when using dilute solution.

Step 4: Warning


and under adult supervision. DON’T DO IT ON LARGE SCALE.

Also, take proper precaution.

GOOD BYE FOR NOW! See you in next instructables.

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